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Ankur J is an Indian Luxury Fashion Brand Defined by Its distinctive craftsmanship, structured silhouettes, minimalist and androgynous ensembles.

Ankurj have by time developed and engineered state of the art signature embroideries  & is incorporated on all our products range by various skilful artisan groups in India. 

Our Product design process is rooted in traditional dyeing & weaving techniques.

It’s been a motivational and the most satisfying journey so far as an Indian Label which is curating rich vintage embroideries…

Ankur J uses textile & techniques of the craft in a very contemporary and modern manner by blending it with western silhouettes. It’s juxtaposing the beauty of the craft and the possibility of a fresh approach.

Ankur J has become a Global luxury Fashion Brand by catering through its own flagship store in New Delhi and also branching out in Middle East, South Africa & UK.
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